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Overall KPBA Goals:

  • Create an environment in which children and adults have fun playing and watching the game of basketball.
  • Teach and develop basketball skills and strategy for all players.
  • Model and teach competitiveness with an emphasis on good sportsmanship.
  • Promote increased self-esteem among all players.
  • Prepare players for the next level of competitive basketball to be played at the High School Level.


  • Coaches are responsible for ensuring that all members of the team and their fans practice good sportsmanship before, during and after the game.
  • Coaches should support the referees and refrain from making derogatory comments toward them.
  • Coaches should refrain from actions or words that undercut the self-esteem of players from opposing teams.
  • Coaches should not allow any players to make derogatory comments or to show disrespect to opposing teamâ??s players.
  • Coaches should support post-game â??nice gameâ?? exchanges between players, coaches, and referees.

Coaches Responsibilities:
  • Create an environment at practice and at games that promotes the league goals.
  • Communicate the league goals and sportsmanship policy with all players and their parents.
  • Provide rosters, game and practice schedules and any changes to these schedules to their parents on a timely basis.

Playing Time:
All teams participate in competitive leagues so by definition there cannot be equal playing time for all players. The most difficult part of coaching in a highly competitive league is trying to balance winning with ensuring that everyone plays. It is easy for a coach to divide playing time in lopsided games but in close games it is nearly impossible to keep everyone happy.   It is the coachâ??s discretion to devise the substitution plan based on each game situation, but it is recommended that all players participate in each half to varying degrees based on their ability.

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